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6-Bottles or 12-Bottles (Full Case): QPR Select Classic

  • You know how grape juice is good but doesn’t get you totally lit?
  • Wine is basically grape juice that gets you totally lit!
  • Cherries on the nose, dark fruits on the palate, little impact on the wallet
  • Model: QPR-U-K1DD1N6-M3
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It's Friday: Bottoms Up!

We sell wine glasses and insulated bottles fairly regularly, but it’s been a while since we’ve had anything to put in them. Which is why we’re offering this QPR from our friends over at Casemates. You can get 6 bottles for $49 or a WHOLE case for just $79.

Of course, you might not be a Casemates regular–or a Mate mate, as those in the community over there often call themselves (no one actually calls themselves this)–so let us explain exactly what we’ve got here with this quick FAQ.

What does QPR mean?

QPR stands for “quality-to-price ratio.” Basically, in the world of wine, you can’t just say “it’s good” or “it’s not that good,” because a bottle of wine will go for anywhere from $2 to $1,000,000,000. So you’re not just looking for the best wine; you’re looking for the best wine for whatever price you’re willing to pay. And that’s what QPR is all about. It’s not a Maserati Ghibli. It’s a Honda Accord that you were able to get a screaming good deal on because the guy running the dealership made a few problematic bets and now he needs unload his stock to pay back his bookie.

Or, to put it in more basic terms: it’s a great-tasting wine–expect cherries on the nose and luscious dark fruits on the palate–that tastes like an excellent-tasting wine due to the fact that every sip you take will be accompanied by the thought: I got this for real cheap!

What does ‘Classic’ mean?

It means it’s from the original batch of QPR, sold in December 2018, not the Holiday Blend from this past Christmas. That’s important because, while we think they’ve all been great, the crowd consensus has been that this QPR Classic was…well, classic. Like, seriously de-lish.

The label says Casemates on it, but who made it?

We did. Wine’s actually super easy: take a handful of store bought grapes and put them in a blender with 3 cups of vodka and some wood chips, blend, and let age for… IDK… 45 minutes? Boom. You got yourself some wine!

Just kidding. This is from Broken Earth Winery, a real solid sustainability-minded operation out of Paso Robles.

Any coupons or anything we should know about?

Whoa! There is! How’d you know? Go to Casemates and use the coupon code TRYCASEMATES for $10 off any purchase through the end of April. Now, while you can’t use that $10 on this sale, it is still, basically, 10 free dollars. And since the whole premise here is that the wine’s taste is enhanced by its low price, this coupon potentially makes the wine… taste better?

Sure, let’s go with that!

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