QFX Bluetooth Party Speaker with FM Radio & Lights

  • It’s got a 4” woofer! Microphone input! Red, green, and blue LED Disco Light!
  • Uh, it can also just play some This American Life while you get some work done around the house.
  • Comes in red or teal or scarlet or blueish-green.
  • (It really is just two color options.)
  • Plays stuff via bluetooth or Aux-in. Also has a built in FM radio.
  • Model: PBX-2, which stands for Pabst Blue Xibbon, one of the most prestigious speaker awards given.
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No Party Required

Here’s how the marketers envisioned it: you go to a party and everything this just so drab. There’s a plate of cheese and saltines, and everyone sits around the living room awkwardly chatting, uncomfortable with the silence, less comfortable with the conversation. Maybe some people are knitting scarves. Maybe someone’s passing a phone around with pictures of their cat “after the surgery.”

You take one look around and know you gotta do something to liven things up. So you slam your QFX bluetooth speaker on the coffee table, and all of the sudden lights are flashing, music is playing, and everyone’s dancing. Maybe two people start pillow fighting with couch cushions and they break open so that each flash of the lights shows a new formation of feathers in the air, a constantly changing downy kaleidoscope of pure excitement.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but just look at this thing and you can tell it’s designed to be a party product.

The more common bluetooth-speaker-requiring situation, though, goes like this: you’ve got to get a bunch of dishes done, or you need to vacuum the whole house, or you need to wipe off all the surfaces in the kitchen, or you should really clean the deck, or the pile of bills and letters and invoices and receitps has really built up on your desk and you need to go through them and decide which ones to keep and which to shred… and while you do that, you want to listen to some music, or maybe a podcast, or possibly even a classic audiobook.

What these bluetooth speakers miss is that even the person who goes to or throws more parties than anyone else probably spends way less time at parties than he or she does just farting around his or her own home. Thus, the idea of a speaker built for parties is actually way less useful than it sounds on paper.

And we’re here to tell you: despite that, these still work as normal old bluetooth speakers! Yes, while you’re mopping the kitchen or gathering unwanted gifts from the holiday season for a donation run, you don’t need the 4" woofer, or the microphone input, or the flashing LEDs. But you’re not REQUIRED to use any of that stuff, either. You could just synch it with your phone and turn on some Ask Me Another and get your chores done.

On the other hand, if cleaning starts to feel like a party, those lights are always right there…

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