Puleida 600W/518Wh Portable Power Station

  • Portable backup battery station
  • Power capacity of 518Wh
  • Charges up to 9 devices simultaneously
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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I Have A BS In BS

“Back to School” sales, huh? Honestly, anything could be considered school-related if we come up with convincing-enough BS, right? C’mon, it’ll be fun! We’ll do it just like all those essays we did on books we never even read past the back cover!


“I can’t believe our rivals in the Battle of the Bands came over and yoinked our super cool amplifiers that totally are the reason we sound so good and not because we’re actually talented musicians.”

“It’s okay, guys. I anticipated this sort of sabotage from them. After the rest of you stepped away, I replaced the amps with several portable batteries that look very similar.”

“Wow, these do look similar. Was it an intentional choice on the part of designers?”

“No idea. Now let’s rock!”

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