Pick-Your-2-Pack of Page Publications 500 or 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Choose a 2-pack of 500 or 1000 piece puzzles
  • Puzzles are fun! And satisfying! And good for you!
  • No screens, no wifi, just easy fun
  • Model: P13C3-0N-34RTH
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Piece of Mind

A 500 or 1000 piece puzzle for adults is pretty simple: it’s a relaxing thing you can set out and work on with or without the television on, with or without other people, whether you have five free minutes or a whole day.

But doing a 500 or 1000 piece puzzle with your kids? That’s something entirely different. Because, while it might seem like some brainless quiet time to you, it’s actually chock full of super important life lessons.

Think about it: you can’t just jab pieces together willy nilly and see what fits. No, with a big puzzle, you gotta plan. You gotta strategize. You gotta start by looking for the edge pieces to build out the border. Then you gotta organize middle pieces by color and/or shape. After that, you need to analyze the picture on the box and look for defining details that might help you get your bearings.

In other words, doing a puzzle teaches the importance of thinking things through and of how doing the little things that might not be super fun–like organizing stuff–will make the satisfying part that much better later. Heck, even the thing we mentioned above–that you can work on a puzzle for a minute or a few hours–demonstrates that incremental progress is still progress.

Does this mean you need to sit your kid down and say, “Hey little Timmy, today we’re going to put together a puzzle that’ll teach you a bunch of helpful lessons for right now and also later in life too”? No! Of course not! In fact, doing so will almost certainly make your kid hate puzzles.

We’re just saying, it might seem therapeutic and simple to your fully grown brain, but for children, puzzles can provide big-time enrichment. So maybe get a couple, and enjoy some satisfying, screen-less fun with the whole family.

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