Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9350 Smart Toothbrush with App

  • A sonic toothbrush from the brand known for making sonic toothbrushes
  • More power than a Smart Car but put towards cleaning your teeth
  • Okay, that’s probably an exaggeration, but still
  • There’s an app! But you don’t have to use it…although it is a pretty nifty feature
  • Our model features a charging travel case in addition to the charging glass (extra nifty)
  • Stock up on replacement brush heads over at
  • Is it Mac-compatible: your Mac should be learning to brush its own teeth by now
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App Not Necessary

It’s a rare luxury to sell something like this.

Like, as self-deprecating as we can be, the truth is we offer a lot of pretty solid stuff. The hard part is convincing you that it’s actually good, because oftentimes, that stuff comes from a lesser-known brand, or a brand that’s big in another country, or a brand that’s well-known but not for the type of product we’ve got. In those cases, we need to dig up reviews and explain why the product in question is worth your money.

But this? This is a Philips Sonicare toothbrush. As in, a sonic toothbrush from the people who are known for making sonic toothbrushes.

And furthermore, it’s basically the same toothbrush I, the copywriter for this site, use. So I can honestly say that all the marketing stuff–all the talk about the astounding strokes per minute, or the timer, or the modes–is true. After years of using the post-dentist-visit-freebie, I finally upgraded to an electric toothbrush and I’ve been astounded by how much better it is. My mouth just feels cleaner.

The one thing I can’t speak to personally is the app part. Because there’s no friggin’ way I’m tracking my toothbrushing with an app.

And I don’t say that because I’m anti-tracking-app. Quite the contrary, I’m very much pro-tracking-app. In fact, I’m maybe slightly too pro tracking-app. Like, I check my fantasy basketball app multiple times during the workday despite the fact that the games don’t start until 6 where I am. For craft beer, I have an app to log and review what I drink, and for the first, I don’t know, seven years I used it, I chose beers not based on what I wanted but on what would maximize my badge collection. And I used to take my exercise watch off before bed, but then someone I vaguely know posted something about their resting heart rate on social media, and it was lower than my resting heart rate, so I started wearing my watch to sleep to drive down my average.

What I’m saying is, I don’t need to be telling my friends at the bar that I finally unlocked the ‘flawless incisor’ badge. Does that really exist? Probably not. But I won’t find out.

And you don’t have to either! Because as far as I can tell, this toothbrush works whether you use the app or not.

So get it and start brushing better. And if you want, track your brushing! Whatever that means.

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