Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

  • Versatile trimming and shaving for above the neck.
  • Versatile trimming and shaving for below the neck, also! Just do what you gotta do.
  • Zippy little motor. Helpful guards in different sizes.
  • Can it make a margarita? It’ll make you look as appealing as a cool, hairless margarita.
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Hair today. Gone Tomorrow.

It’s different for everybody, but for the typical man there’s a line of latitude somewhere on their body where shaving stops being the thing you learned as a teenager standing at the bathroom sink and becomes something that makes you double-check that you locked the bathroom door first.

Like if a dad is shaving his face in the morning and his kid walks in to stand nearby and gaze up with admiration…that’s a damn Norman Rockwell painting.

But no, if you’ve got one foot up on the toilet tank like Captain Morgan so you can see if the razor sculpting you just did around your nipples remains symmetrical in a variety of poses, all the sudden that’s weird?!?

YES. That’s weird. For all the reasons. What’s wrong with you? Man, is there some sort of CAPTCHA for weirdos we can use to screen people before they buy this?

[Select all images of your weekend that are appropriate to discuss as part of your Career Day presentation for fourth graders.]

But anyway, the point here is less about creeping out nearby children with your shaving routine and more about tearing down the arbitrary distinctions we’ve made about which tools are appropriate for trimming and shaving your face and which ones are for trimming…everything else.

As anyone who has ever gone from squaring up that mustache to removing a little neck hair to creeping ever so slightly south can tell you, hair is hair. And just like body wash can work just fine on your face, it turns out that you can pretty much groom from head to toe with one product.

So check this thing out. It looks kind of like the old traditional razor that your grandfather had, but it’s also capable of tackling hair that your grandfather probably insisted a man only trim is he wants people to think he’s a communist.

Either way, you can have a nice electric trim with the versatility to address any part of you that has hair, complete with a variety of guards to help you navigate the sensitive bits. You know, sensitive areas like the flappy part of your neck or your complex relationship with Grandpa Bill.

You’re going to love this thing. It’s actually a little habit-forming. Order one now and set yourself free.

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