PetSpy Dog Training Vibration & Shock Collar for Medium to Large Dogs

  • It shocks (ouch)
  • It vibrates (soothing)
  • It beeps (abrasive but harmless)
  • It doesn’t have anything to do with cats and/or pop lyrics (but these shirts do)
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It Also Beeps

Deep breath. Okay. Here we go.

Today, we are selling this training shock collar for dogs.

Sorry, we just have to brace ourselves. Dog-related discussions on the internet are charged no matter what. Seriously, click through to the comments on literally any dog video on Instagram, and you’ll find a variety of insane people.

There’s the dog psychologist: “She may be wagging her tail, but if you look closely, that dog is clearly stressed and the owner should be ashamed of themselves!”

There’s the misunderstander of working dogs: “Um, I’m sorry, FORCING a husky to pull a sled? In the cold?! This is called abuse, and if I were president, I would have the owner executed.”

Then, on the other side of the spectrum, there’s the tough love trainer: “If your dog is afraid of fireworks, the best thing you can do for him is to put him in an airplane and fly it through a fireworks display, so he has no option to hide.”

And then there’s the alpha: “Whenever I bring a new Belgian Malinois into my home, I tackle him and bite his leg hard enough to draw blood. Otherwise, how is he supposed to know that this is what I want HIM to do if there’s ever an intruder??”

It’s chaos is what we’re saying. And now we’ve potentially brought it right to our doorstep.

So we’re just gonna highlight this nice review for this collar we found on Amazon:

I bought this in August for my deaf dog so I could let him off leash (I use the vibrate setting and gave him a treat every time I vibrated it to teach him to come back to me), it works very well.

(Click through if you want to see an image of the sweet friend.)

And FYI, beyond shock and vibrate, it also has a beep function. And a beep never hurt anyone!

Anyway, you may now feel free to talk amongst yourselves in the forum.

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