Olivella Nourishment Face Cream Plus 3 Lip Roll-On's Bundle

  • The 3 roll-on lip moisturizers (one limoncello, two mint) will leave your lips feeling refreshed and hydrated
  • The cream will leave your face feeling refreshed and hydrated
  • Just refreshment and hydration all around
  • In that way, it’s like Gatorade for your face
  • Come on, this stuff was made in Italy
  • Or should we say roll-on this stuff was made in Italy
  • Model: CR34M-0F-TH3-CR0P
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That Ugh Feeling

The human body is weird.

Some days, everything clicks into place just right. You wake up, bright-eyed, practically thanking your alarm clock for welcoming you into the glory that is the morning. You take a shower, brush your teeth, and feel fresh all day long. At every turn, you make the healthy, enriching choice: an apple rather than a bag of chips; a nice jog or a brisk walk instead of a Netflix session on the couch; a cup of tea and a good book at home over a night at the bar.

Then, other days, it’s the opposite. Nothing works. You wake up feeling mildly hungover even though you didn’t drink the night before. You need to brush your teeth in the middle of the day, and not because of something you ate; there’s just a weird taste in your mouth. Your arms and legs are sore despite the fact that you haven’t worked out in a week. And, at night, while you’re camped out in your comfies in front of the television with the AC cranked, you find that you’re sweating.

You are, in a word, gross. Not smelly or dirty. Not exhausted from some physical or mental exertion. You just feel… not good.

That’s where this Olivella Nourishment Bundle comes in. Yes, its aim is to slow (or erase) the signs of aging by way of hydration, using simple, natural ingredients like olive oil. And we’re not saying that’s not a worthwhile pursuit; nobody likes to look old, and hydration is super important for your skin.

But really, we say: results be damned! This is about the feeling!

This is about having one of those weird days where it seems like there’s an unshakable layer of grime permeating every corner of your person, and saying: No! I will not give in to this! I will not let this happen! I will roll on some lip moisturizer, apply some face cream, and, against all odds, feel rejuvenated.

So get some for yourself, and maybe be a little less gross.

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