Odyssey Toys Dueling Desktop Basketball Game

  • You know basketball?
  • This is that, but you can play on a desk
  • Great for kids, even ones that are 20+
  • Here’s a quick video
  • Not to be confused with: Illiad Toys Table-top Hoops-Joust
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Simple, Fun

“Man, what a presentation!”

“I know, I’m positively buzzing!”

“We nailed it.”

“We really did.”

“How could we possibly go right back to work after that?”

“It’s a great question.”

“Maybe we should take a quick break, shoot a few hoops.”

“Oh, where’s the nearest court? Also, I don’t really have the right shoes–”

“Nah, man! I’m talking about my Odyssey Dueling Desktop Basketball Game! Check it out. It’s some good ol’ goofy fun. Bought it for my kids and then was like, ‘I need one of these in the office.’”

“Oh, this is rad. Let me try.”

“Swish! And on your first attempt! A regular Steph Curry over here!”

“Ha, with an arch like that to the shot, I’d say more like Jan Dvořák!”


“You know, Jan Dvořák? The top prospect in the Czech under-14s league? They’re saying he’s the number one pick in the 2029 draft. Way more upside than Chad Lively.”

“Sorry, can we back up real quick? You’re talking about someone who’s under 14 years old?”


“I guess I just don’t follow the prospects that closely…”

“Okay, let me put it in terms you can understand: imagine if Andrius Balthis played defense.”

“Andrius Balthis?”

“Easily the best 16-year-old in Lithuania!”

“Yeah, again, I think maybe you’re, like, reading some pretty niche blogs…”

“Fine. You know Luka Doncic?”

“Oh, totally!”

“So, Jan Dvořák is basically like if Marko Mojca had more size and strength but just as much speed.”

“What? What does this have to do with Luka?”

“Marko Mojca was the standout in Luka’s under-15s camp! C’mon, man, everyone who follows basketball knows that.”

“Look, maybe we should just play the game, okay?”

“Whatever you say, Coach Wojciechowski!”

“Wait, who’s Coach Wo-- You know what, never mind? My shot.”

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