Ninja Foodi 1200W Power Nutri Duo Smoothie Bowl Maker & Nutrient Extractor

  • Be sure to write down whatever you put in, because once this thing goes to work, you won’t recognize it
  • Comes with 2 blender cups and a bowl so you can take your smoothie to-go
  • smartTORQUE can deal with big stuff without the need to stir or shake
  • With over 8,000 reviews and with a 4.8-star average… this thing (probably) kicks ass
  • Does it convey a love of cats: No, so if that’s what you’re looking for, head over to Mediocritee
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Real Value

How much does this thing cost?

That probably seems like a simple question. After all, there’s a place on this very website where we clearly list the price: $69.

But is that the actual cost?

What we mean by that is, before you purchase, you need to consider the dangers of owning a high-powered blender (or “smoothie bowl maker” or “nutrient extractor” or whatever other phrase you want to use to describe a motorized thing for reducing frozen fruit and veggies to silky smooth purees). And we don’t mean the dangers posed by, you know, the blades and stuff.

This is better than your blender. If you don’t believe this, it’s because you’re either lying to yourself, or you currently own a Ninja or a Vitamix, which means you’re already a lost cause. We’re really talking to those of you who buy whatever blender is on sale at Target or whichever one the neighbors are trying to offload at their last tag sale. It doesn’t matter the make. It doesn’t matter the model. This is better.

But is that a good thing?

Because, right now, you’re living in blissful ignorance. You’re like, “Oh yeah, whole-ass frozen strawberries in the middle of my smoothie? That’s just a thing that happens!” Or “I’ll just call it a rustic tomato sauce, so no one asks why there are these enormous chunks of tomato all through it.”

But once you go Ninja, you won’t ever settle for this weak shit ever again. You’ll be like, “Why buy almond butter when I can just buy almonds?” Or “Did I put strawberries or raspberries into this smoothie bowl? Because everything is just such a uniform red!”

And that’s great, right? But the problem is when it comes time to replace this blender (and to replace the blender after that [and to replace the blender after that]) you’ll have no choice but to buy another Ninja. Because there’s no going back. And if we don’t happen to be selling one at a stupid good price again, you’ll be stuck shelling out big bucks.

So what we’re saying is: before you buy this thing, ask yourself if you’re ready.

And then buy it. Because it rules.

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