Neiman Marcus Men's Belts

  • Ah, just what you want to be thinking about right now: belts
  • But, look, you’re just buying a belt today, not wearing one
  • Seriously, a nice selection of handsome belts
  • Model: 1LL-5T0P-TH3-W0RLD-4ND-83LT-W1TH-U
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Tighten It Up

Howdy, friends! We’ve got a little Mad Libs project we’re working on (to be revealed later). Basically, all we need is for you to fill out a super short, simple form each day. Here’s today’s! Thanks in advance!

We’re selling belts?

On Thanksgiving?

Seriously, we’re asking you to consider your waistline on the single greatest waistline expansion day of the year? The day when you might find yourself moving up not one, but two entire belt holes between when you wake up and when you finish eating? If you don’t forgo the belt entirely?

Is this the most diabolical thing we’ve done?

Probably not. We did do that thing where we sold melted candy corn and a knife. And our signature product is something that we openly say you will regret buying, knowing full well you will buy it anyway. Could that be called gaslighting? Maybe. At any rate, it’s pretty messed up.

So, anyway, no, this probably isn’t the most diabolical thing we’ve done. It’s maybe even not diabolical at all, but rather just mean.

It’s like if we sold alarm clocks on New Years morning.

Or if we decided to do a 40-day booze and chocolate mega-sale that corresponded, start to finish, with Lent.

Or if we offered an air-conditioner/dehumidifier on a dry-as-dust winter day when a large swath of the United States was experiencing temperatures in double-digit negatives.

Oh, wait: we did that last one.

Anyway, to get to the point here: yes, this might be mean. But we do it because we’re thankful for all of you. We’re thankful that we get to sell stuff and make jokes. We’re thankful that the joke is sometimes what we’re selling and when we’re selling it. And we’re thankful that you’ll give all our bullshit right back to us in the comments. So Happy Thanksgiving, Meh community! We’re thankful for you!

Also, by the way, the belts are pretty good.

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