2-Pack: Mr. Beams Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor String Lights (100-200 Ft Total)

  • Okay, so, it’s like, you know how usually there’s just one light?
  • Well, this light is attached to another light, which is attached to another light which is attached to another light, which is attached to another light, which is attached to another light, which is–
  • Basically, you choose between a two-pack of 50 ft string lights (100 lights total), a two-pack of 100 string lights (200 lights total), or one of each (150 lights total)
  • Customize the mood and brightness by adding a dimmer switch (dimmer switch not included)
  • Are they Mac compatible: Honestly, too normal looking and not sleek enough for true Mac weirdos
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Easy Ambiance

No matter what, you always dream of ways to turn the place you live into your home, a den of pure comfort and style that reflects your unimpeachable tastes.

But this is hard to achieve.

Like, for example, if you rent, you probably shouldn’t take on some big home project. After all, the space isn’t yours, so you’re basically pouring a bunch of money and time into a project that’ll benefit whoever lives there next. And that’s if your landlord doesn’t see what you’ve done, dislike it, and then charge you even more money to un-renovate whatever you renovated.

Which is why, when you’re a renter, you always look forward to the time when you’ll have a house of your own where you can do whatever you want. Want wide-board hardwood floors? You can put them in! Want to redo the entire kitchen? No one’s stopping you!

Except, well, the universe.

Because as every homeowner knows, owning a home means spending a lot of hours and resources dealing with keeping invisible things invisible. You might want that new flooring, but sorry friend, your basement needs to be reinforced. And unfortunately, that beautiful new kitchen will have to wait until you put in a beautiful new septic tank.

Electrical work. Plumbing. Heating and air conditioning. The roof. All of these things will lay claim to your home renovation budget before you’re able to start thinking about matters of aesthetics.

So, what does all this have to with some indoor/outdoor string lights from a company whose name sounds a lot like a famous British doofus from television?


Because whether you rent or own, you always need to be looking for ways to add a little personality to your space without a) spending a bunch of money, b) spending a bunch of time, and c) putting too many giant holes in the wall. These fit all three criteria. You string them up over your deck, or in your screened-in porch, or anywhere, and they give your space a nice pop of personality. And then, if and when it’s time to move out, you just take them down and bring them to your next spot.

Can’t do that with wood floors or kitchen tile!

So get these string lights, and add some nice ambiance to your space without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat.

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