Mini Compact "Travel Massager"

  • Ahem
  • Well
  • Yes
  • You see …
  • Mommy gets very stressed when she’s traveling
  • Model: PEVMINI (B+)
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The Mehliad

Chapter 41
Continuing the tale of young Dan Fogelberg (no not that one), who fell asleep in a storm and woke in a fantastical, creepy land. Beyond that, your guess is as good as ours.

We pored over the ancient libraries of Imgurnon, searching for some clue of this fabled portal that might help me find my way back home. Goggles was in his element, and the work seemed to distract him from missing his friend Norton.

There were pictures of literally everything one could imagine: cute dogs, babies, car accident victims, sunsets, pornography, embarrassing family photos, and more. The peculiar customs of the library dictated that the information behind each photo’s origin be deleted upon its inclusion, so tracking things down was a tedious process of comparing and contrasting the images we found worthwhile.

“Welcome,” Aoelh said as he showed me a photo. The buildings looked familiar, like an old warehouse I’d known a lifetime ago back in Texas, but they were covered with overgrown plant life.

Almost like a rain forest.

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