Letsfit 10-Piece Resistance Band Bundle

  • Everything you need to do legit resistance training
  • You get 5 traditional tube bands with 10-50lb weight resistance
  • You also get 5 loop bands with 5-40lb weight resistance
  • Won’t hurt if you drop it on your foot
  • Can these make margaritas? No, but if you throw an egg in with the tequila it’s basically a protein shake.
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Join the Resistance

So first of all, just imagine what a set of dumbbells looks like—pairs of 50s, 40s, 30s, 20s, and 10s, all lined up. That’s 300 pounds! Of toe-smashing nonsense, no less!

Weights are big and stupid and heavy, is what we’re saying.

Resistance bands, though? All the strength building, none of the weight. And before you get going about how for serious training there’s no substitute for pumping cold, hard iron, well…thanks to Big Data, we know our audience well enough to suspect that for 99 percent of you, these are more than sufficiently challenging. The algorithm says you have noodle arms.

Bet you’re regretting allowing cookies when prompted nine months ago. WE BASICALLY LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE NOW.

Just kidding.

We tried to do evil data mining once and didn’t know where to begin. All we actually know is what you tell us, which is that you guys are weirdly hesitant about buying grey sweatpants, you have a frankly unhealthy disdain for microfiber sheets, and you’d be willing to buy stroopwafels by the actual pallet if left unsupervised. Regardless, nothing in our limited data set suggests that you’re all meatheads who frequently set off the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness.

So is it possible that a bunch of you reading this would be into resistance training? Sure. And based on our knowledge of general fitness marketing combined with a hodgepodge understanding of our customer base, we’re pretty sure the move is to point out that these could make you look slightly sexier than you do right now and then gently insult weightlifting some more while maybe sneaking in a nerdy pop culture reference.

Besides, these are definitely the superior form of exercise. Less clumsy and random than a weight set; an elegant training tool, for a more civilized age.

So go ahead. Join the resistance. This deal has everything you need and then some.

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