Laegendary Buckster 1:14 Scale Fully Functional Metal R/C Front Loader

  • Metal construction, beefy tires and lifts up to 7 pounds (well, 7.5 per this test)
  • Start shopping for the holidays now
  • A great gift for older children and adult children alike!
  • This thing is for real; it can actually lift stuff and move stuff
  • Is it Mac compatible: Yeah, you can definitely use it to move all your old iPods around
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It Begins

Has it begun already? Is it time to start selling Christmas gifts now, right after Halloween, when we’re still weeks away from Thanksgiving, and Christmas is, if anything, only a vague set of travel plans or agreements to host people?

Maybe. And honestly, would it really be so bad if it were? Like, wouldn’t it be rad to get a little Christmas shopping out of the way now so you can spend December eating sugar cookies and drinking egg nog by the fire, going to sleep every night with a terrible stomach ache, and then waking up and starting all over again the next day? Wouldn’t that be better than frantically shopping for gifts?

Then again, maybe this isn’t a toy you get someone for Christmas. Maybe it’s a totally practical tool, great for:

Inefficient snow removal!

Turning other RC vehicles right-side-up!

And… uhh… moving rocks around the weird corner of your basement?

Okay, fine, we’re selling it so you can give it as a gift this holiday season. But, to who? A child probably, right? That being said, there are a lot of complicated mod-related comments on the 35-minute unboxing video we took those clips from, so maybe it’s actually for grown-up nerds?

Either way, you’re not likely to find it this cheap anywhere else! So get it, stash it, and spend December doing something other than stressfully scavenging the barren aisles at your local big box store.

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