Kozy Soles High Top Slippers

  • Plush slippers designed to look like classic sneakers: why didn’t we think of that?
  • For sneakerheads and the people who love them and the people who don’t know what “sneakerhead” means but like these slippers
  • Real laces and padded soles for that “run out to the car” level of shoe-ness
  • Available in Small (men’s 5-7), Medium (8-10), and Large (11-13)
  • When they say kozy, they mean kozy, so size up a little if you prefer a looser fit
  • The models and their iconic inspirations are:
    • McSteeze: Nike Air Mag (Back to the Future II)
    • Maximus Steezius: Nike Air Max 95
    • Snap Crackle: Nike Air jordan 3
    • Flying Rat: Nike Pigeon
    • Ultramagnetic: Air Jordan 6
    • The Beginning: Air Jordan 1
  • Model number: PLKS7004 (only useful in Google if you’re looking for the last time we sold these)
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The Shoe's on the Other Beat: Songs About Footwear

Hey, Meh writer @JasonToon here. Last time we saw these pretty goofy, pretty cool Kozy Soles High-Top Slippers, which pay homage to iconic sneaker designs in comfy slipper form, we told you all about sneakerheads: the subculture of athletic-shoe obsessives who love nothing more than thinking about, talking about, and - sometimes - singing about their preferred kicks.

Shoes have been a favorite metaphor of songwriters since Tin Pan Alley: something you can walk out or walk back or walk a mile in, a way to put on or take off identities or moods. And sometimes they’re just actual shoes. I’ll assume you’re familiar with “Blue Suede Shoes” and “These Boots are Made for Walkin’” already, so let’s strut, stroll, and stomp through ten other shoe-driven jams (also compiled in a YouTube playlist for your autoplay convenience).

Run DMC - “My Adidas” (1986)
Of course, we can’t start with any song but the sneaker anthem of all time, the one that gave the three stripes an early lead in the sneaker arms race. Or footrace.

They Might Be Giants - “Shoehorn with Teeth” (1988)
Does a song where a nonexistent style of shoehorn symbolizes impossible desires belong in a list of songs about shoes? When it’s by the composers of our two theme songs, it does.

Graham Parker & the Rumour - “Soul Shoes (Live)” (1979)
A more accurate title might have been “Stones Shoes”, as Parker & the Rumour do their best Rolling Stones imitation in this storming live version of a cut from his 1976 debut LP. Despite the lyrical sentiments, it takes more than the right pair of shoes to rock like this.

Tages - “I Left My Shoes at Home” (1967)
Shoes represent the conformism of the straight world, according to Sweden’s finest Pepperesque psych-pop outfit.

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - “New Shoes” (2011)
While for the late great Sharon Jones, her new shoes carry her away from a no-good man.

Nelly - “Air Force Ones” (2002)
I wonder how many shoe-store clerks had to hear “I… need… two… perrrr…”, complete with St. Louis-style “country grammar” accent, back when this ode to Nike’s latest was a big hit. Fun fact: that “shoe store” was actually an apparel store dressed up for the video shoot - and my wife used to work there.

Adam Ant - “Goody Two Shoes” (1982)
Another tenuous connection to shoes redeemed by its catchiness (and the variety it adds to a playlist that could easily have been 50 hip-hop product placements).

The Pop Rivets - “Beatle Boots” (1977)
Before Billy Childish became a one-man culture factory, releasing dozens of albums and a pile of books, he was scolding his punk peers about how much cooler his old '60s shoes were, in this track from his early band the Pop Rivets.

The Northside Southpaws - “Little Red Shoes” (2010)

I was hoping to include Bill Monroe’s 1936 recording of this song, but it’s not on YouTube, so here’s a pretty good take on it from Chicago’s only all-lefthanded Americana duo.

U.N.I. - “K.R.E.A.M” (2007)

U.N.I. take Wu-Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M.” motto, substitute “Kicks” for “Cash”, and threaten to kill anybody who scuffs their shoes

I couldn’t find any songs about slipper-sneakers, though. So here’s a challenge: record one, post it to YouTube, and I’ll add it to this playlist post later. It doesn’t even have to be any good. Far be it from me to discourage anyone from making a fool of themselves for our amusement. But you’ll get bonus points (and by “bonus” I mean “meaningless”) if you’re wearing your Kozy Soles.

Further toe-tapping may be found at:

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