KingArt PRO Twin-Tip™ 96-Color Marker Set with 8"x10" 60 Sheet Mixed Media Pad

  • 96 markers
  • Each one has two different kinds of tips
  • You also get a nice pad to use the markers on
  • Everything you need to get your art on
  • Model: 4RT-8L155T0RY
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Thou Art

“Welcome to Art Talk: a podcast where we hear from leading artists working in a variety of mediums. I’m your host Rose Templeton, and today it is my honor to be joined by a very special guest. Known as ‘the Master of the Marker,’ Kaden LaJoie has taken the art world by storm with his unique, playful approach. Kaden, it’s great to have you here.”

“Thank you, Rose. It’s a pleasure.”

“Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? When did you first decide that, of all the possible tools at your disposal, you wanted to focus your energy on the humble marker?”

“When I was four years old, my parents ordered a KingArt PRO marker set from a deal site. I can’t remember which one, though, given how long it’s been. A lifetime ago, it feels like.”

“In many ways, it was quite literally a lifetime ago, wasn’t it? Given that you were four when you received the set and you’re eight years old currently? You’ve now lived twice as long as you had at that point.”

“Please, you’re making me feel old! But yes, that’s correct. I’m eight.”

“And how would you say your approach to the work has changed over the years?”

“Well, I think some would say I’ve lost a bit of my boldness. Personally, I feel I’ve matured. Sure, I used to be more experimental. I saw the world as my canvas, drawing on walls, on my own body. My markers are two-tipped, and I’d open both sides, making a mess of myself as I went. I even tried to make my art a multi-sensory experience once or twice by tasting the markers. But then, over time, I started to see all of this as foolish hubris. And so I stopped asking simply, ‘What does it look like when I apply pen to page with no concern for pattern or outcome?’ And I started focusing on more complicated questions, such as, ‘What happens when I apply pen to page in the shape of an alien super soldier with electric hands?’”

“And, in terms of your canvas, are you still using the walls?”

“Ha! Rarely if ever. My parents didn’t appreciate that. And besides, it’s hard to sell a wall at an auction. No, I stick mostly to my mixed media pad now.”

“Speaking of mixing media, I hear you’re branching out into some new realms?”

“Yes, that’s correct. I’ve been working with three-dimensional forms in a way that combines sculpting, ceramics, and baking.”

“So, PlayDough.”


“Fascinating. That’s all we have for this episode of Art Talk. Thank you again to our guest, Kaden LaJoie. And be sure to join us next week when I speak with Marc DuMont, a nine-year-old artist who constructs abstract hanging structures out of a sustainable, ever-replenishing material: the contents of his own nose!”

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