Kenwood WS-A1 Active Noise Canceling True Wireless Earbuds with Alexa

  • Triple-mic system for crystal clear calls
  • Variable levels of noise cancellation and ambient noise modes means you can listen in complete silence, or even enhance the noise around you at the press of a button
  • 8 hours of battery life with 16 more via the wireless charging case
  • Honestly, these are some real advanced buds, and they usually don’t sell for under $50
  • Why hasn’t this brand ever collaborated with the famed documentarian who shares part of their company name: Because it would be a fire hazard; after all, Kenwood Burns
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Are You A Kenwood Or A Kenwoodn't

Last time we sold these, we gave you the rundown. But here’s a quick recap:

Kenwood made these to compete with offerings from Apple, Sony, and Samsung, and they might’ve overdone it a bit, engineering-wise, hence their previous $330 price tag over on Amazon. Now, if you’re wondering why you haven’t heard much about these, and have a hard time finding reviews, the answer is that they were primarily made for the Japanese market. (In fact, some of the literature you’ll receive if you buy them might be in Japanese.)

But now that we’ve brought them stateside, there are some critics weighing in. You. Our loyal consumers. Here’s what members of the Meh community had to say about their purchase the last time we sold these:

@ACfromDC kept it simple:

Damn good earbuds.
Yeah, a little large. Get over it.

We’re a bit confused about that second part for reasons we’ll get into a little ways down the page, but still, a positive review!

@KNmeh7 went into a bit more detail:

Blendtec, Deebot in an IRK, BK Dutch Oven, these might be my in my top 5 meh purchases. I am not an audiophile, but have decent hearing, and these things really sound nice. Noise cancelling is quite impressive. I know these sold out quickly, but if meh procures more, I will max out. Awesome find.

And @bmajazz went into even more detail than that:

I am impressed with the build quality and sound. This is an exceptionally nice pair of earbuds for what we paid here. I wouldn’t call this audiophile quality but the sound isolation is pretty good. It’s interesting how you can use a slider to control how much external ambience you hear – right in the middle of the sIider is no enhancement (but good isolation), while going either direciton either increases the ANC or the enhanced input from the mics pulling in ambient sound.

Now, for the sake of transparency, some noted a size issue, summed up nicely here by @Lear70:

It’s a shame they made these for people with small ears. I’m 6’ tall with normal guy size ears and these fall out. A lot. Can’t get the tips deep enough to stay in securely and the volume is thus very low as a result. Bought 2 pairs and wanted to love them, anyone know which foam aftermarket ear tips will work with them? I’ve tried ones that fit everything from Beats to AirPod Pros to Bose QC you name it.

In response, user @Odi posted some advice and a diagram from a set of Anker buds we’ve sold in the past, which seemed to work for some but not @Lear70.

At any rate, this size issue is good to know, but again, these are $330 earbuds and we’re selling them for $49.99. So, if you’re not of the enormous-eared ilk, maybe get a pair and enjoy a fancy product for a not-so-fancy price.

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