Kenneth Jay Lane Necklaces

  • Real jewelry made by a really famous guy who designed for Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Britney Spears, and Barbara Bush!
  • Well, real fake jewelry, from the realest of all jewelry designers!
  • Wait…
  • Anyway, choose a necklace from the designer Kenneth Jay Lane, who made faux jewelry for the stars.
  • From the KJL Collection.
  • If you’d like something to match with it, check out this sale on MorningSave
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  • Models: Yes, that’s right! Many of Kenneth Jay Lane’s clients were likely models!
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The One and Faux-nly

Our deal here on Meh is often to try and sell the unsellable. As such, we end up with a lot of gadgets that are cute and interesting but not necessary. Or devices that’ve been put through the gears of a delusional marketing department and barely come out alive. Or things that are ugly but functional. Or stuff that’s flat-out dumb but cheap enough to buy for yucks.

With fashion stuff, though, the calculus changes a little. This is partly because these products often has a people’s names attached. And so for something from the fashion world to end up on Meh often requires a fall from grace or a discount line.

But this isn’t so for Kenneth Jay Lane. No, quite the opposite: in some ways Kenneth Jay Lane might be the most quintessentially Meh jewelry designer in history. This is, at least, what we gleaned from his Wikipedia page.

Here’s how we understand it: Kenneth Jay Lane never aspired to make to make real-deal super valuable jewelry. In fact, his business seemed to be built on peddling extremely accurate faux pieces so that people could wear their “favorite jewelry” out in public while also keeping their actual favorite jewelry in a secure place. And he was pretty friggin’ good at too, managing to attract a clientele included Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Britney Spears, and Barbara Bush (among others).

Here’s a quote from the marketing copy for his necklaces:

“Every woman,” Kenneth would insist, “wants to be Cinderella when she puts on jewels. Faux jewelry is like wearing the glass slipper. A woman can feel like she’s going to the ball, even if she’s not.”

And isn’t that just sort of the exact thing we do here? Can’t afford AirPods? Cool, get some Rowkins. Want to look like a real-deal adult with a fancy knife set? Great, we can sell you one for stupid cheap. Need a billion bags to feel like a jetsetter (like we sold yesterday)? We got you covered.

What we’re saying is, in Kenneth Jay Lane’s work, we found more than just a sale for the last day of August. We found a kindred spirit.

So, please, buy some damn necklaces.

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