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Kano Raspberry Pi 3 DIY Computer Kit

  • Teach your kids how to build computers and code and stuff!
  • That’s right. Your “kids.”
  • Because with a fun, interactive “story mode” that teaches users all about computers, it’s definitely not something an adult would have fun playing with.
  • Wink.
  • Model: 1000K-02, which sounds like a droid in the background of some scene in Star Wars that would now have a huge cult following on Tumblr or something.
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For All The Kids Out There

This Raspberry Pi thing is really neat. Not only do your kids build a computer; they also learn about coding, and software, and a wide variety of topics that are more and more important to understand with each passing day. That’s why I bought mine! As a teaching tool, for my kids!

I should clarify: I don’t have kids yet. And actually my wife and I are not planning on having kids right away. This is really an investment for the future, if you know what I mean.

Although, don’t worry; it’s not just going to be in the closet collecting dust. Far from it! No, I’ll be taking it for a test drive so that I’m ready to show it off to the little tots as soon as they’re ready. Which will be a few years after they’re born. Which is still a few years away from happening.

But that’s great! That’s the perfect amount of time, actually!

I mean, think about it: I always asked my dad for car advice. And it’s not like he was opening the owner’s manual to our Ford Taurus for the first time the day after I was born, right? No way! He’d been working on that knowledge for years!

And that’s what computers are like for today’s youth. They’re like cars. They’re essential. But also fun. Kind of like how this Raspberry Pi is fun, thanks to its story mode, which allows kids, potential or otherwise–or the current adults who will eventually be their dads–to learn all things computer through a series of fun, exciting games!

Although, on second thought, I guess cars are still cars. For now.

Anyway, do I have to sign for this, or…? Great! Well, I hope you have a great rest of your day, mr. delivery man! It’s been a pleasure talking to you! And… uh… if, next time, my wife comes to the door? Let’s forget this convo ever happened, okay?

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