Kangaroo Siren + Keypad Security Alarm with 3 Motion Sensors

  • A modest level of security for an even more modest price.
  • You get the siren (WEE-OOO!), three sensors, and two “Roo Tags” that can quickly arm and disarm without a code
  • Picks up Fire & Carbon Monoxide alarms and sends a notification to your phone
  • Ridiculously easy to set up, and no paid subscription is required.
  • WEE-OOO-WEE-OOO-WEE-OOO. Oh, sorry, that’s not the Kangaroo Siren. It’s the Great Wine For Cheap Siren. Head over to Casemates for a great deal on a fan-favorite cab sav from Slingshot today.
  • Can it make a margarita? It can make you and your margarita feel safe at night.
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Impenetrable Defenses?

“My name is Pepe DeLarou. I’m an unparalleled pickpocket, high-end art thief, and master safe cracker. The greatezzt there ever was and ever will b—oh hey, everything we say stays between us as a matter of zee legal privilege, correct?”

“Um. No? I sell security systems, I’m not your lawyer.”

“No matter. Zee authorities already know who I am and remain powerless to stop me.”

“That’s dynamite. Can I help you with something?”

“I require SECURITY, my dim-witted friend. Why else would I have come all this way?! Now to be sure, my needs are vast and zee stakes are high. You see, in my home study I have rarified items of extraordinary value. I have a Picasso stolen from zee Louvre. An unopened box of that Nintendo cereal with zee two bags where one was full of Super Mario Brothers cereal and the other was full of Legend of Zelda cereal. And a four-year-old iPhone that retains its official original copy of zee Flappy Bird.”


“Okay indeed! For zee security I will require only zee best deterrents.”

“So, like an alar—“

“I’ll need zee display platform where if zee object is removed, a giant boulder will be released from above.”

“Won’t that wreck your—“

“I’ll need zee elaborate crisscross of visible lasers which instead of forming an effective and impenetrable grid will instead allow for zee attractive thief in zee skintight bodysuit to sexily wriggle through zee slowly rotating beams with inches to spare.”

“That seems stu—“

“An unbelievably sensitive room in which a single fallen eyelash would set off zee alarms, accessible only through high-security doors and an unmonitored air vent from above.”

“Probably monitor the air ve—”

“SILENCE! I am zee customer, and zee customer is always right.”

“Sure, sure. So the sexy laser thing and the Indiana Jones thing and the dangling Tom Cruise thing…supply chain…plus tax…import fee…laser calibration…big rock has to go through customs…you’re looking at about $204,000.”

“Look, zee budget is like thirty bucks.”

“Right this way.”

Today’s deal is not for the most sophisticated security system on the market. But what it lacks in features and elaborate booby traps, it makes up for by being really, really inexpensive and super easy to set up. You get the siren and a three-sensor bundle, which is probably sufficient to protect your main points of entry or to surround your modest collection of stolen art.

You can manage everything without an app, including arming and disarming, which is actually kind of refreshing when you think about it. Plus the whole thing is extremely plug-and-play, so you should be up and running in no time.

Go ahead and buy one. Otherwise…what, you’re just going to leave your IRK chamber and Bluetooth speaker collection unprotected??

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