Instant Regret Kit

  • Yes, we are charging a lot more money for these IRKs than we usually do
  • No, that does not mean they’ll be any better than our standard IRKs
  • Seriously, there is no correlation between the price you pay for these IRKs and the quality of the stuff inside them
  • You get a $5 coupon code for each $5 you spend on an IRK today, redeemable here at Meh or on SideDeal
  • So, for example, if you spend $20 on an IRK, you’ll get 4 $5 coupon codes
  • Coupons cannot be stacked (i.e. they must be used separately) and expire 12/31/2022
  • In the spirit of experimentation, you can still buy this IRK even if you bought one earlier (but why would you?)
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Oops! All IRKs: an IRK-athon

Is it right to sell IRKs for $95? No. But will you cherish the experience of purchasing one for $95? Also no.


We’re selling a series of instant Regret Kits (IRKs) today.

The IRKs will be priced differently, but their cost will not correspond to their quality. Seriously, the folks in the warehouse? They don’t know how much you spent on this thing, and they don’t care. They’re just packing some IRKs.

For each $5 you spend on an IRK today, you’ll get a $5 coupon code that can be used here on Meh or over at SideDeal. If you were to buy an IRK for $10, you’d get 2 coupons. If you were to buy an IRK for $20, you’d get 4 coupons.

These coupons cannot be stacked. In other words, 3 coupons is not $15 off a purchase. It’s $5 off of 3 separate purchases.

So, as long as you like buying lots of stuff from us and using coupons, it’s like all the IRKs are free.

BTW, the coupons expire 12/31/2022.

Once again, there is ZERO CORRELATION BETWEEN THE PRICE OF AN IRK AND THE QUALITY OF ITS CONTENTS. If you spend more, you get more coupon codes. That’s it.

This isn’t us being clever or hinting otherwise. It’s the actual, honest reality. Regardless of the exorbitant price you pay, these are standard IRKs all day long.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get regretting!

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