IRKs without a Mehrathon? Yeppers.

werehatrack thought this was worth mentioning said

So there it is, 200 IRKs got tossed up at Midnight EDT, and an undisclosed number reserved for 8AM EDT. Dare we hope that there will be further reservations that will be announced later, like at 8:00:39 when the next batch has been exhausted? Do the VMPs rate high enough anymore to get their own piddly little batch at the traditionally-appointed time? Will it be gone in under 40 seconds, too? Will another batch get semi-pointlessly assigned to regular Mehmbers-only grabs, as though any hopeful non-Mehmbers had a chance of beating the Kaptcha before the batch sold out?

Any or all of these questions may get answered, ignored, derided, rendered irrelevant, bemoaned, celebrated, or otherwise kicked around and/or buried in the forum litterbox, when the time is right…