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AttyVette went on a bit of a rant said

Not trying to make a downer post BUT please everyone be aware of rip currents and don’t just jump in the water at the beach, or off sand bars etc.

We were just in Florida for two weeks and three people have died at Destin, Florida, at or near the “crab island” since Memorial Day weekend. One fell in the water off the bow of a boat ( and evidently hit the propeller and was found later), another incident four people jumped in the water to fix their pontoon boat and one went underwater and never resurfaced until found deceased a couple of days later. The other three people were luckily rescued by other people but they weren’t pulled under the water before they were rescued. Finally, the most recent victim was operating a boat and reached over to retrieve his hat from the water, fell in and his body was found a couple of days later by a kayaker in the Gulf of Mexico.

Wear a life jacket when you are on boats, because if you fall in the water, at least you should have a fighting chance to keep your head above the water and survive! Don’t ride on bow of boats while they are moving and don’t lean over to retrieve lost things like hats! Have fun but stay safe and plan for the unexpected as rip currents do occur ! Of course it’s not just rip currents that can drown people but there are drop offs off of crab island and the water is very swift and deep there. Be aware and stay prepared wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

We all had a great time in Florida but it was very sad seeing the coast guard in helicopters patrolling the beach area waters as you knew they were looking for a missing person.