Hola! Music Deluxe Series 21" Soprano or 24" Concert Ukulele Bundle

  • Choose between a 21" Soprano or 24" Concert Ukulele
  • The rest of the bundle is the same, regardless of what you choose: a gig bag, a strap, and 3 picks
  • A great gift for the Tiny Tim in your life!
  • Are they beautiful, and colorful, and do they celebrate Star Wars: Yes, not really, and definitely not, so if you want something that checks all three boxes, maybe check out Mediocritee
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The Uke-lear Option

Thanks all for making time to come in on the weekend. As you know, we’ve been tasked with launching a Hawaiian-themed ukulele cover band to promote this Hola! ukulele bundle, featuring either a 21" Soprano or 24" Concert Ukulele, a gig bag, a strap, and three picks.

So, we had our first showcase last night and there were some good acts and bad acts.

The Who-la brought a lot of energy, but at the end of their set smashed their ukes, which maybe doesn’t send the right message in terms of how best to respect these wonderful instruments.

Ma-Aha-lo started out strong, but it turns out there is really only one Aha song anyone knows. Same problem with Honolulou Bega.

pOKe Go is, unfortunately, a no-go. They’re a fun act, but according to their rider, they need at least six treadmills supplied for each performance, which is tough, in terms of budget.

Hāna Maui-ontana was good when they performed songs from the show. But as soon as they transitioned into the Maui-ley Cyrus portion of the set, they began feuding with literally every other musician present.

Also, while ukuleles are not necessarily children’s toys, we want to pitch ourselves as family-friendly. So, Lei’l Wayne is out. If I’m honest, making you attend a showcase for work where some of those words were spoken aloud is very likely an HR violation.

Which brings us to our final five.

Now, we’ve got a decision to make. Do we go for the older market with something more croony or ‘classic rock’? In which case, we’d put our money behind Poi Orbison, The Big (Island) Bopper, or ELOco Moco.

Or do we focus on the millennial market with Manoa Falls-out Boy or Lanai Del Rey?

Third option: do we just give up and sell some ukuleles on a deal site?

Wow! A unanimous vote for ‘just give up and sell some ukuleles on a deal site’! Did not see that coming!

Great meeting, all.

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