Hazel and Havi Wet/Dry Hybrid Shaver

  • With three blades, it won’t get jammed up if you skip a couple shave days
  • Precision trimmer for cutting in those angles
  • Waterproof, so you can use it in the shower
  • Use it dry for catching that stubble on your legs before hitting the pool
  • Use it with shaving cream or without
  • Cordless, rechargeable
  • Here’s an HSN video about 'em
  • Can it make margaritas: maybe, but things might get a bit messy
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Great Shavings

There are two essential truths about shaving that we all must acknowledge.

The first essential truth about shaving is that it just feels better in the shower.

To be clear, this is more about the shower than the shave. After all, shaving in the shower allows you to extend your shower with something other than pointless luxuriating. Thus, you’re able to enjoy more time under the warm, rejuvenating stream without the guilt that comes along with just idly standing there.

The second essential truth about shaving is that it’s always the worst when you let things go a couple days too long.

Why? Because most shavers aren’t equipped to deal with that extra few centimeters of growth. So you end up performing the shave equivalent of cutting a hay field with a push mower. You have to put in a lot more effort just to get the job done and there will be a whole bunch of snags and jams and hitches along the way. Only, it’s not a hay field. It’s your face, so you’re going to feel each of those rough patches acutely.

Now, you’ll notice we put the word ‘most’ in italics. Because this shaver we’re selling today? It doesn’t have this issue. It’s got three titanium cutting blades, and the third one in the middle is designed specifically to trim longer hairs. That means a close shave without the usual irritation of dealing with anything beyond a five o’clock shadow.

Plus, it’s waterproof.

In other words, it’s built to accentuate the best part of shaving–enjoying more time in the shower–and alleviate the worst part–the discomfort of dealing with a bit of extra growth.

So get one! And enjoy a nice, comfortable shave!

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