Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker (Refurbished)

  • Single-serve reusable scoop filter sets you free from stale, wasteful K-Cups forever
  • Brews 14 ounces at a time of whatever ground coffee you choose to scoop
  • Set to Regular or Bold strength, and the scoop is marked for two different amounts: look at you, you’re practically a barista, go get a nose ring
  • With more than 2400 Amazon reviews, this product will offer no surprises
  • Model: 49981 (you know, we always assume that there are enough ZIP codes that every five-digit number is covered, and we’re often surprised to discover that’s not even close to being true)
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Don't Join the Pod People

Quite a racket those K-Cup types are running. In return for the convenience of only making as much coffee as you want to drink, you’re beholden to their cups or pods or whatever, forever.

You better hope Keurig never goes out of business, or you’ll be stuck with a proprietary piece of junk, like when Barnes & Noble nuked the Nook on those poor shnooks. Your morning coffee is dependent on the continued solvency and benevolence of Keurig. You want another hit, you gotta go crawling to the K-Man.

He’ll make you pay a premium for inferior coffee with a side order of environmental irresponsibility. In 2014, Keurig alone produced enough of those cups to circle the Equator 10.5 times - most of them non-recyclable #7 plastic. The worst of the pods have three grams of plastic waste for every six grams of coffee. Although given the quality of the coffee, you might actually prefer to drink the plastic.

Time to dump K-Cups into the same circa-2009 fad bin as “Boom Boom Pow”, Wii Sports Resort, and Snooki. “But my conveeeeeenience,” we can hear America whine. “However shall I survive without my precious, precious convenience?”

Get ahold of yourself and get ahold of this Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker. It’s almost as easy to use: we’re confident that scooping up some ground coffee and putting the scoop in the machine is a challenge you’ll be able to navigate.

90 seconds later, you’ll have your single cup of coffee, without driving the planet any further toward oblivion. You’ll pay way less per cup of good coffee than you were paying for that stale K-Crap.

And you’ll be in control of your coffee options, not some executive way off in, um, Vermont, it looks like is where Keurig is headquartered. You want to see how cheap you can go with massive sacks of Costco coffee, go ahead. You want to take it super high end with coffee beans extracted from the intestines of an Indonesian tree weasel, drink up. If the stale vac-packed grounds of K-Cups always left you cold, grind your own.

Tell the Pod People to go cup themselves. Tell Pusherman Keurig to find another sucker. With the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffeemaker, the scoop shall set you free.

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