GoWISE USA 17-Quart Mojave Air Fryer & Food Dehydrator

  • Air fry for that delicious crispy fried taste without all the nasty oil
  • Make your own jerky and kale chips with the dehydrator
  • It can even do a whole rotisserie chicken
  • Bunch of handy presets
  • Model: TH3-0V3N-0F-L0V3N
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An Almost-Oven

I recently replaced my oven. The old one was down to two functioning burners–one of which was the small one in the back–and the handle to open the door had come off in my hand. Plus, it was an old glass-top electric range, probably from the 90s, that had been there when we moved into the house. Its time had come.

Now, the process of replacing it started off smoothly enough. We got a quote from a plumbing company for running a gas line, and then we went to the appliance store and bought a nice new gas range. Expensive, but worth it. Or so we thought.

What happened next is we pulled out the old range and discovered a bunch of electrical work that needed to be redone on a tight turnaround, which meant paying a lot for it. We managed to get that taken care of the morning the oven arrived… at which point we found out that, though they were the same size on top, the old one had been a slightly different design, and our new oven wouldn’t fit until we found someone to saw off some of our kitchen counters.

All in all, it was a nightmare, and if I could go back in time, I might honestly say, “You know what? Two burners is annoying, but we can make it work. So let’s just keep what we’ve got, ugly as it may be, and supplement with a GoWISE Mohave Air Fryer & Food Dehydrator.”

Of course, this thing is not a replacement for your oven. But it’s also not not a replacement for your oven, either.

First of all, it can do a bunch of stuff. It can dehydrate. It can air fry. It can even make rotisserie chicken. Second of all, it’s simple. It’s got a number of preset options, for everything from steak to shrimp to onion rings to pizza, and its parts are dishwasher safe. Third, and perhaps most important, it’s friggin’ HUGE! Seriously, 16 quarts is a lot of quarts! For context, I have an 8-quart pressure cooker in which I have, on many occasions, made enough pork carnitas to feed eight and still have leftovers. (And yes, it’s a different shape and a different kind of appliance, but still.)

In other words, this thing can make pretty much anything you need it to make, and it can make that stuff for a whole bunch of people.

So buy one for about a hundred bucks and give your junky old stove a few nights off.

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