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Fiskars Kitchen Essential Set

  • Set includes a 7" chef knife, a 4.5" paring knife, and 7" kitchen shears.
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  • Set includes a 7" chef knife, a 4.5" paring
  • knife, and 7
  • " kitchen shea
  • rs.
  • Model: 550211-1002. Good thing they added that dash. Otherwise, it would just be a long string of numbers!
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Truly Essential?

“Essential” is such a loaded word. The implication it makes is so intense–that whatever it is describing is not just a good idea but a downright requirement–that you can’t help but be a little skeptical.

So, are the three pieces in this kitchen essentials set really all that essential?

The answer is, uh, actually yeah, pretty much. A good chef knife is an absolute must for chopping anything from onions to Wagyu beef. A paring knife is great for smaller jobs. And some good shears? Maybe they don’t seem essential, but once you’ve used them, you won’t go back.

That’s why we chose to sell this set instead of the many completely unessential kitchen items often pitched to us by vendors. And we mean MANY! Here are a few we had to turn away just this past week:

  • Stem shortener, with apple and pear settings
  • The ‘Don’t Touch That Tomato’ hands-free tomato moving system
  • Batter thermometer
  • Funny face applicator for carrots (up to 3" long)
  • Wine cork mulcher
  • The ‘Sweet or Savory’ salt/sugar DNA test kit (results in just 45 minutes)
  • Potato age estimator, now featuring a digital readout
  • Kiwi fuzz razor
  • Post-measurement, pre-whisk flour depth ruler
  • The ‘Now You Vino, Now You Vin-Don’t’ extra cooking wine disappearing kit
  • Pork hype megaphone
  • Hot dog/brat reshaper, with 45 different non-phallic options
  • Pod fondu maker

See? Not only does this prove that the items in today’s sale absolutely deserve the title of ‘kitchen essential’; it makes you really think: maybe some of the “dumb” stuff we’ve sold over the years isn’t that dumb after all!

Jk, some of it’s been really dumb!

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