Total Vision Percussion Massager

  • Powerful percussion massage that doesn’t mess around
  • Interchangeable heads! A spinal head (for trigger point massage); a flat head (for muscle relaxing massage); a cylindrical head (for deep tissue); and a round head (for large muscle groups)
  • Battery powered (adapter included).
  • Model: 0HH-4HH-OOoH
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Percuss yourself.

It’s halftime and the coach is getting the team fired up to head back out there. They’re down, but not out. On the bench, exhausted athletes hanging on by a thread. In the corner, a towel boy terror vomiting into the laundry hamper. On the floor, the star player trying to blast a sore leg back to life with this awesome tactical percussion massager in time to get out there and save the day.

Meanwhile, across the country, a yoga badass is buffing out some muscle soreness after completing a complex inversion.

Meanwhile meanwhile, an animal conservation expert is massaging the kinks out of a rhinoceros hamstring to help the thing rejoin the herd and maybe save the species.

Meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile, it’s you! Lookin’ good, sexy reader.

You probably aren’t carrying the weight of a small town on your shoulders while getting ready to rally the team for the big game. You might not be up for yoga inversions just yet. It’s possible that you haven’t done much to save the rhinos in the last week or so. (To be fair, you haven’t really run across any, either. Maybe try the park.)

But you know what? That doesn’t mean that bad days and achy backs and tired legs and pinched shoulders aren’t all things that exist. And in a world where stuff can really gang up on you, especially when it comes to stress, a real no-nonsense tool like this one can be exactly what you need for what ails you.

Quit with the terror vomiting in the corner and get yourself together, is what we’re saying.

You deserve this kind of power in the palm of you hand. You deserve this delightful variety of interchangeable massage heads.

Blast away whatever’s bugging you and leave cheap massagers behind forever.

Today’s deal is as equally at home in the filthy undercarriage of a hobbled rhinoceros as it is in your living room, lit softly by the dim glow of the Netflix menu screen.

Let’s just get this thing ordered, okay?

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