European Cordless Steamer Mop by POLTI

  • It’s a cordless mop that kills 99.9% of germs with STEAM
  • That means you don’t need to use chemicals or detergents
  • Also means it is Certified Steampunk Compatible
  • Ultralight 1.1lb weight for maximum maneuverability on floors & walls
  • Charging base re-sanitizes the cloth when the light turns green
  • Model: DR34M-5T34M
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We're Still The Same

Sure, we might be selling a “European” steamer mop by Polti, an Italian company, but this should not be seen as some shift in our corporate philosophy. We just thought, during a time when you’re at home more than usual–like, always–you might appreciate a light, agile mop that takes care of 99.9% of germs and bacteria (using steam rather than detergents), and dries the floor quickly as it goes. That’s pure convenience!

And sure, our first PastaDrop just dropped (or is about to drop, depending on whether you read this before or after 10am eastern on Monday), but again this is not because we’re trying to change who we are. PastaDrop isn’t so much about pasta as it is about building community by sending bulk pasta to your friends and family members. Seriously, you should go check it out! It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

And yes, the rumors you might’ve heard about employees being forced to trade in their automobiles for either a Fiat, Alfa Romeo, or Maserati are true. But it is only because we were able to establish a strong partnership with a local dealership. Again, the trade-ins were not optional, but everyone is pretty happy with the arrangement.

And fine, we perhaps have had some discussions about outlawing “full sized coffee mugs” when we reopen the office. But this is not an attempt to force our employees into drinking only dark, Italian espresso. We’re just trying to conserve water by brewing stronger, concentrated coffee and serving it in cute little cups.

And okay, we may have moved our hours of business operation to GMT+2. Yet, again, there’s a simple explanation: when everything changes, sometimes it’s best to go all-in and really shake stuff up. That way, things don’t feel strange and off; rather, they feel entirely different, which forces a swifter adjustment to the new norm.

What we’re getting at is that we’re still the same old goofy site you know and love! The things we sell won’t stop us from being who we are: Indifferente!

Oh, did we not mention the name change before?

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