Enesco Grand Jester Limited Edition 1/6 Scale DC Statues

  • Apparently these are some obscure characters from a classic series of graphic novellas
  • Choose between Superman or Wonder Woman
  • Wonder Woman stands almost 19" while Superman’s over 2 feet tall!!!
  • Limited edition, numbered pieces, so they’re like IRL NFTs or something
  • Or just buy both because they’re cool
  • Model: M4RV3L0U5-DC-5T4TU35
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Office Friends

If you’ve been working from home for a little while now, you’ve probably noticed there are positives and negatives. The commute is undoubtedly shorter. And it’s nice to use your lunch break to do some gardening or what not. And maybe you’ve got a bit more personal space.

On the other hand, it can get a bit lonely. Or, conversely, it can be the opposite of lonely if you’ve got kids around. And then there’s playing rocks-paper-scissors with your spouse or partner to decide who gets to use the clean, private guest bedroom for the Zoom meeting, and who has to sit at the table in the kitchen, the sink full of dirty dishes somehow always in the background, regardless of what angle you’ve got your webcam at.

One thing you might not have considered, though, is the comfort of being among your own things. Even if you’re working from a makeshift desk in a sparse studio apartment or sitting on the edge of your twin bed with your laptop on a TV table in a loud, cluttered commune, there is something nice about being in a space that is “yours.”

Which is going to make the eventual return to the workplace all the more jarring.

Even if you’ve got your own whole-ass office, it’s gonna be tough reacclimatizing to those sterile corporate environs after all these months of working with a cat in your lap, a TV on in the background, and a private bathroom just steps away. Far worse off are those who’ll have to return to a shared space.

What we’re saying is, even if you’re still home, it might be smart to start stocking up on some good work decor. A photo of your family and a nice handmade mug aren’t going to cut it anymore. You’re gonna want some fun stuff to make the space feel a little more “you.” Like, for example, these Enesco Grand Jester Limited Edition 1/6 Scale DC Statues. There’s Superman. There’s Wonder Woman. And they all look super detailed and cool as hell.

In other words, one of them would be the perfect hood ornament for the blank canvas that is your work area (you know, if you work in a place where you can trust that a cool statue won’t walk away; if not, maybe leave it home). Or, heck, why not get both? You deserve a little indulgence these days, if you ask us!

(And yes, we know: canvases don’t have hood ornaments. But look, after this past year and change, we’re a little tired here too, okay?)

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