Cuisinart Chef's Classic 5-Piece Grill Tool Set

  • Some really nice locking tongs
  • A spatula that’s also a cleaver that’s also a bottle opener
  • A set of shears that can open bottles and clean fish scales
  • A butcher knife
  • A carving fork
  • Is it available in Georgia red: Only if you have a terrible accident
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Killer Griller Gear

There’s nothing mysterious about this bundle of grill stuff. You get a nice pair of locking tongs, a carving fork, a butcher knife, a 3-in-1 spatula/cleaver/bottle opener, and a handy set of shears that can also open bottles as well as scrape fish scales. A bonus: it all looks pretty cool (but not too cool; we’re talking about grilling here, so you don’t want something super ornate).

What is mysterious is grilling itself, namely how some members of a household will contribute exactly nothing to helping their family meet daily nutritional needs for roughly eight months out of the year; then, come June 21st, when dinner can be cooked in a place that lacks air-conditioning over a far more volatile heat source than the stove in the kitchen, they become Gordon friggin’ Ramsay.

It makes us wonder, would it be possible to outdoor-ify other household chores to make them more appealing? Here are some ideas we came up with:

Trough Party - Like a pool party, the trough party involves playing in the water out in the backyard. Unlike a pool party, the trough’s water is warm, soapy, and filled with dirty dishes and/or dirty laundry. For additional buy-in, call it a drinking game. When asked what the rules of the drinking game component are, just say, “You drink while you clean.”

Dirty Rug Bocce - Take rugs from around the house and lay them out in the backyard. Then, instruct participants to throw the little white ball from a bocce set onto them. Once the ball comes to rest, the goal is to use a stick vacuum to clean all around the ball without touching the ball. When finished, pick up the ball and vacuum that part too.

Pretend prospector - Ah, the pioneering spirit! This fun activity is just like panning for gold! Except, it’s not in a riverbed or anything. It’s in the plastic box usually found in the basement (relocated to the deck, because summer). And the gold is cat turds.

Of course, if you have more ideas for turning frustrating chores into outdoor fun, let us know in the comments.

Otherwise, buy some grill stuff!

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