Cuisinart 11-Piece Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

  • Cuisinart is a plucky upstart brand in the kitchen industry
  • A bunch of pots and pans to replace the old crummy ones you have
  • Eternal nonstick coating
  • Can they make margaritas: No, but you can use one of them to make simple syrup, which is important
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Refresh Your Cookware

It’s time for a round of everyone’s favorite game:


Let’s meet our contestants!

Contestant number one is a frying pan you bought on clearance at the grocery store. It worked well for a while, but now, something odd has happened: everything you cook in it looks as though it’s been seasoned with coarse ground black pepper. Or, wait? Is that black pepper? Or little pieces of the coating coming off into your meal?

Contestant number two is a big pot. It still works fine, as long as you don’t need to use the lid. See, after a particularly ambitious cooking day, it sat precariously atop a large pile of dishes in the sink. As you went to start cleaning, the pile shifted, and the pot fell on the floor, denting in such a way so the lid no longer fits.

Contestant number three is a beautiful cast iron pan that you found at a thrift store. It’s a really great piece of cookware… if you know how to clean it. And spoiler alert: you don’t. Like, you’ve heard it’s good to let the food you cook “season” the surface. But the whole bottom slice of bread from a grilled cheese you made two weeks ago–that’s probably not what they mean, right?

So, which do you replace?

Friggin’ all of them!

Seriously, a bunch of mismatched garbage in your pots and pans drawer is fine when you’re twenty-two. But as you proceed further into adulthood, it gets a lot less cute. Especially when there are deals like this around. For about a hundred twenty bucks, you get six great pots and pans, each with an eternal nonstick interior. Plus, you get four lids (for the pots and the deepest pan).

That’s really not that bad! And they’re from Cuisinart, who’s good at this sort of thing!

In conclusion: it’s time to re-up your pots and pans. All of them.

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