CRKT Gulf Stone Wash OR Xan Carbon Fiber Knife with G10 Handle

  • Choose the badass-looking knife that fits your style
  • And then use it to open Amazon boxes
  • Titanium nitride coating makes them resistant to corrosion
  • Gulf has a 4.08" 8Cr13MoV steel blade, and Xan has a 3.67" 1.4116 steel blade with outburst assisted opening
  • Do they come in Georgia Red: Only if you cut yourself by accident
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Fantasy vs. Reality

Things the branding/marketing wants you to think you’ll use these knives for:

  • Cutting some rope, because you just bagged a ten-point buck and now you need to tie it down for safe transport in your fully restored classic truck.
  • Various jobs around the well-outfitted welding shop you’ve got set up in the shed you built in your back yard.
  • Cutting some rustic twine with which to tie together the kindling, which you also cut using this knife, to use for tonight’s big bonfire.
  • When you’re camping, and you hear some rustling outside the tent, and you’ve got a feeling it’s either bandits or cougars.
  • To cut woody mushrooms off the tree before eating them raw, because you’re not the kind of wuss who demands their food be cooked.
  • When you’ve just parachuted out of The Crooked Colonel’s cargo plane to safety, only you misread the wind, and now you’re all tangled up in a tree, and you’d better get yourself cut out before sundown, because soon enough these mountains will be crawling with hungry coyotes who don’t care that you’re the good guy in this story.

Things you’ll actually use these knives for:

  • When the consumer electronics company decides they need no fewer than twelve zip-ties to secure a pair of earbuds within their packaging.
  • To deal with that patch of grass you missed mowing, otherwise it’s gonna bother you for weeks.
  • For when it’s time to build that futon, and wow, seriously, every part of that thing is wrapped in something or in a baggie.
  • Because, while it was nice of your aunt Jane to send you the cookies, did she really have to use an entire damn roll of packing tape to seal the box?
  • When you microwave leftovers in some sort of container, and the lid, which you leave on loosely, suctions to the base too firmly to be pulled apart, and so you need a flat edge to pop that thing off.

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