Conair Unbound Cordless 9" LED-Lighted 1x/10x Makeup Mirror

  • The 10x magnification mirror can be removed and attached to the back when you don’t need it
  • It’s cordless and rechargeable
  • 3 light modes and 3 color modes
  • Tilt and turn it to get the perfect angle
  • If you look into this thing, will you see Nicolas Cage: No, that’s a different Con Air
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Upgrade Time

Some things break. Other things need to be broken.

By which we mean, some things, simply by functioning as intended, will eventually cease to function. Shoes. Computers. Socks. Phones. Their very use tends to be their demise. Each subsequent time you put them on or turn them on will erode their core until they no longer perform their assigned responsibilities. They wear down or lose their processing speed or tear or struggle to hold a charge or suffer some other predictable malady that renders them virtually useless.

The mirror, meanwhile, needs to be broken. Until it is, it will continue to do its job: reflect. The make-up mirror gets a little more complicated. There are lights and things that can be lowered or adjusted, all of which might eventually break down, but its central function–reflection–will, again, keep on functioning until someone or something comes around to smash it.

And this would seem to be a point in favor of the make-up mirror. After all, there’s nothing worse than the sense of dread and deja vu that accompanies you every time you need to go to the shoe store, or start researching laptop specs, or give yourself a pep talk about how, no, you will not be suckered into buying a protection plan that costs roughly 80 dollars a month.

Yet, there are some benefits to the products that break down on their own. You don’t need to worry about walking around with some Reagan-era arch support that’s sure to mess up your feet. Your back will thank you for trading in that laptop that weighed 25 pounds and had the little red nub thing as a mouse. And while the BlackBerry was cool for its time (and the movie about it is really great) it turns out a touchscreen makes things a lot easier.

Which is a long way of saying that you might come to Meh today, see this make-up mirror, and think, Wow, that looks cool, with its adjustable stand, and removable spot mirror, and customizable light control, and easy two-button operation, but I already have a make-up mirror I bought in the late 90s that still technically works. And our response to this would be: sure. But also: that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a new one. Especially for only about $25.

Or to put it differently: don’t let your functional yet totally old and crappy make-up mirror hold you hostage. Buy a new one. Today.

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