High-Intensity Massage Recovery Ball

  • Looks like something that the final boss would throw at Sonic
  • Feels like relief for your nagging muscle aches
  • four massage modes and a patented tri-rotating design
  • Model: M455463-1N-4-80TTL3
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Spiky Massage Thing: A Q&A

Just looking at this thing, it’s reasonable to be a bit confused. Or, at least, curious as to what it actually does. So we figured we’d offer a little Q&A.

Here goes!

Do you all work through a vendor to get these? Or do you source directly from Doctor Robotnik?

Ha, okay, yes, this does sort of look like a weapon that would be used by the villain of the Sonic universe. But it’s actually a pretty cool at home massager!

What’s the best way to avoid the spikes when I jump on it, so I don’t have to worry about losing all my gold rings?

Once again, not a Sonic-universe weapon/villain. Rather, it’s a massage ball! Using high-intensity vibration, it’ll melt away your nagging muscle aches, making it great for general pain and post-workout recovery.

Is food supplied to feed the tiny animal living inside that’ll be freed once I successfully pounce on it?

Really don’t know how much clearer we can get: we know it looks diabolical, but it’s actually not your enemy. There is no animal inside for you to take care of. Instead, it takes care of you, with four massage modes and a patented tri-rotating design you won’t find anywhere else.

Okay, so I get that he has two tails, but, like, how does that translate to flying?

Well, though it may not be canon, there have been a few forum posts over the years that have clarified that Tails is able to achieve flight through something called dual-tail rotary anatomical–

Wait, why are we answering this? It has nothing to do with the product!

That’s it! This Q&A is over!

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