Back-To-Back Wins! Let's Give Some Shirts Away [Unofficial] [CLOSED]


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I’ve placed in back-to-back weeks so I’m feeling like I give a shirt. Or two. Or three. This win also represents the 300th design in my catalog. WOW! Throw a comment into this thread and I’ll randomly select a few winners. Most probably know the drill by now, but just in case:

  • Only top-level comments will count, but replies are welcomed and appreciated.
  • Any shirt.woot is game for selection, but it’s good karma to select something from my catalog. Not really, but maybe?
  • These will direct-ship from woot, so I’ll need your real name and address. But I probably won’t drop by unexpectedly, unless you’re making that famous lasagne recipe that everyone raves about.
  • I’ll provide additional details once the contest closes on Monday, March 1st.

Thanks for all the continued support from the community! You guys rock!

{VMod edit: Contest closed 3/02/21}