Comfort Zone 18” High-Velocity 3-Speed Industrial Wall Mount Fan

  • Using fan technology, this fan blows air around the room like a fan, but is bigger
  • Mounts to the wall or ceiling
  • Good for garages and porches
  • Its pen name when it’s writing musicals: Fandrew Lloyd Webber
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We're Big Fans

Inside your house is inside your house. Outside your house is outside your house.

Are we all following so far? Great.

Inside there exist any number of solutions to the issue of excessive heat. Central air. Window A/C units. Portable A/C units. Oscillating fans. Even those blade-less things that cost roughly one billion dollars and might be total bullshit.

Outside, when it gets too hot, there is only one solution: go back inside.

Where things get complicated are in those liminal spaces, the places that are not exactly inside the house and also not exactly outside either. The garage, for example. Even an attached one doesn’t feel like a proper part of your home. Then you’ve got your porches, screened-in or open, or your covered deck.

Now, because a lot of these spaces lack insulation (or any real walls at all), they take on the climate of the outdoors. Only, because they are not fully open, and therefore experience limited airflow, they often get even muggier and hotter in the summer.

Cooling these spaces can be difficult. Installing air conditioning ranges from ineffective to inefficient to outright impossible. The oscillating fan from the guest bedroom, on the other hand, does little in spaces so big (and often cluttered).

Therefore, you have two options. You can either:

A) Just never use those spaces at the height of summer except as places to pass through en route to the inside or outside. (Which sucks, right? In the winter, we accept the cold and use at as inspiration to get cozy and hibernate. Looking outside on a sunny day in August, on the other hand, knowing you’ll still spend most of your time inside, moving from one air-conditioned room to the next, is taxing on the psyche.)


Get one of these fans. They’re big, powerful, and mount to the ceiling/wall so they can really move some stagnant garage/porch/roofed deck air and cool things off. At least, that’s what we learned reading reviews on Amazon where these score a 4.7 based on about 250 reviews, and where every almost customer on the first page basically says, “I love this thing for my garage!”

So get one for yourself and cool down those frustrating spaces that aren’t entirely inside or outside.

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