Coho 24-Can Tri-Layer Soft-Sided Insulated Cooler

  • A bunch of space for cans
  • A bunch of pockets for your other stuff
  • Great for bringing to parties or the grocery store alike
  • Three-layer construction keeps contents chilly
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but it can sure as hell keep a canned margarita cold
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Uncool But Better

It’s easy to like old stuff when all you have to do is look at it.

That big classic boombox? It has more swag than 200 Bluetooth speakers combined!

And that old Victorian house? It’s got something that no house built in the last ten years could even sniff: a little thing called character!

And that big, hard-sided plastic cooler? It screams, “Party!”

Eventually, though, there comes the time to actually, you know, use the thing in question. And then warm feelings fade a little bit.

Like, seriously, why does that boombox weigh north of 25 pounds? You’re gonna hurt your arm carrying that thing a block. And the old box of cassettes you found in the attic (the only thing you have to play on it) were all recorded off the radio in 1993. Which is kinda fun and nostalgic for, like, 10 minutes before the novelty starts to wear off.

And that old Victorian house? Well, it rained yesterday, as is known to happen here on Earth, and now you can swim laps in the basement. And this is to say nothing about the layout, which could generously be described as “quirky” (and less generously as “insane”). Seriously, this place is 1200 square feet and has seven bedrooms, many of which might not be big enough for a desk. Did everyone sleep in the fetal position on dog-bed-sized mattresses way back when?

And the old cooler. Oh, the old cooler. Yes, its iconic design screams “party,” and that’s good because you’re gonna need a whole team to move that stupid thing when it’s full. That is if it even fits in your trunk. And don’t get us started on the plastic exterior, textured perfectly so that after a year it will NEVER look clean ever again, no matter how much you scrub it.

What we’re saying is: this cooler bag we’re selling today isn’t as “cool” as the old-school hard-sided one from Igloo or some other brand. But it is better if you, hear us out, actually want to use it. It’s well-insulated and can fit up to 24 cans, plus has a number of pockets to store your stuff (so you don’t have to bring this thing AND a handbag). Plus, it’s got a nice shoulder strap and is, despite its capacity, pretty compact.

In other words, whether you want to bring some drinks to a rager or have plans to hit up the freezer section at Trader Joe’s, this is the bag for you. It just might not be super great for your nostalgic beach party Instagram photos.

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