Classic Tees from Mediocritee or a Meh Tee

  • Some of the best designs from over at Mediocritee
  • Also, some Meh shirts, if you don’t enjoy fun
  • “We love these shirts” - us, talking about our own stuff
  • Model: T33-T1M3
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Tee Up

Have you heard of this site they’ve got now? A shirt site? Called Mediocritee? Where every week they offer two great designs from fantastic illustrators and artists? A pretty cool concept, huh? Boy, would we like to meet the people who came up with something so ingenious.

Just kidding! It was us! We did it! We made Mediocritee!

And now, we’re offering some of our best designs from the early days here on Meh. We’re talking shirts that are no longer available. Except here. Today.

How can we be sure these are some of our best designs? It’s simple. We brought in a team of celebrity consultants, all of whom are known for their taste in upper body apparel. We’re talking about a group consisting of such greats as:

  • actor Shirt Russell
  • singer Sleeve-n Tyler
  • actress Sharon Sewn
  • musical artist Tee Payne
  • retired figure skater Nancy Wearrigan
  • actress Brie Collarson
  • basketball player Luka Donstitch
  • actress Hemily Blunt
  • retired baseball player David Or-tees
  • musician David Lee Cloth

Okay, these are bad puns. But the shirts are great. So get some!

Or, if you don’t like fun, you can get a Meh logo shirt. Or, if you really don’t like fun, you have the option not to purchase anything.

Point is: there’s something for fun everyone, even super boring people!

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