What would you take?

Star2236 went on a bit of a rant said

If your house was burning and you knew your family and pets were safe, what would you take if you had time?

I would wanna take my plants bc those are like my babies and I’ve collected a lot over the years (even brought back some from vacation) but I’d die trying to get them out bc theirs to many. So I’d wanna take my medication (bc if zombies take over one day I have lots on unused antibiotics and that’s gonna be useful lol). My jewelry, even though it insured I still have things like my moms engagement ring and it just means a lot. Also my shoes. I’ve spent a lot of money on shoes and it’s not like you can go out and bu the same pair again. Heck I’ve been looking for a decent pair of stiletto knee high boots that doesn’t cost me over a $100 (that’s my style) for like 4 years and can’t find those. When I lived in my apartment I used to keep majority of my shoes in a huge Rubbermaid bin so if there was a fire I could just throw it out the window. I would say photos but right now those are buried and now days everything is backed up. So legacy box would actually be useful lol.