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Capello Speaker Dock with Lightning Connector

  • Plug in your iPhone and behold!
  • It will sound louder than it normally does!
  • This is a Lightning cable model, so we’re only talking iPhones.
  • Actually, iPod Nanos with lightning ports might also fit… if you are one of the three people, like me, who still use one of those.
  • Also has an AUX in, so you can play other stuff through it.
  • If you really want to.
  • Use the power cord or 4 AA batteries to keep it alive.
  • Model: Ci100. Fun fact, “C-i” sort of sounds like “sigh”, which was what we did when we saw we were selling a speaker dock in 2019.
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Fading To Dockness

The day was Friday, July 11th, 2014. We were but a twinkling new site, identical in many ways to the site we had come from before, save for a few crucial differences–one of which: we had given ourselves permission to say ‘fuck.’ We used this newfound ability to rail against the colossal evil known as the speaker dock, a clean-cut example of using one’s powers for good.

Or so we thought. You see, the times were different then. The speaker dock ruled the world of casual audio like a despot. That it appeared like a throne for your phone only heightened the sense of superiority: “bow down,” it said, “to my subpar audio.” “Pay homage,” it decreed, “to my ability to almost fill a room with sound.” We wanted to take it down a peg.

But now, time and technology has done that for us. In fact, it has taken the speaker dock down many pegs, straight through the floor, into the dungeons of near extinction. These days, you can take your bluetooth speaker from room to room without searching for an outlet, blasting (or, well, sort of blasting) music from your phone as it lays charging on a futuristic coaster. (For the record, the one we’re selling today can run on batteries.)

Speaker docks have started down the long road traveled by many gadgets before them, such as the Betamax and the Virtual Boy: they will fade from memory, emerging for a brief period after their death to serve as a punchline, before disappearing entirely.

And we really should have seen this coming. Which makes all the mean things we said about them seem even more, well, mean. Imagine this weren’t a speaker dock we were talking about. Imagine it was a flightless bird, and it became so ubiquitous with obsolescence that it’s very name became an insult…

Wait, bad example.

Point is, now that speaker docks are few and far between, we kind of miss them. So we’re trying to bring them back, by selling only speaker docks from from now on… through the end of the day.

Seriously, we’re not such dodos that we’d think speaker docks could be a business model. That’s ridiculous.

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