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Canon EOS Rebel T6i Bundle

  • This is a bundle that includes Canon EOS Rebel T6i and a bunch of lenses, a bag, and a 16gb memory card.
  • This is $100 cheaper than you’ll find anywhere. Here’s how we know.
  • Honestly, if you’re here today to drop more than a half-k on a camera, then you probably know more about it than I do, and I’m only going to make problems by reading and trying to interpret what some of these highly technical specs mean. So please: if you know how this stuff works, talk amongst yourselves in the forum.
  • Has wi-fi. I understand that, at least.
  • Model: 0591C114. I like to think of the C as a Jane Goodall type, trying to live among and study the habits of the wild numbers.
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A Gentle Nudge

A lot of the stuff we sell can be categorized as zero-to-sale items. You come here thinking, “I don’t need anything,” and you leave with some headphones or a bunch of junky phone accessories or a veritable pile of blender bottles. Additionally, some of the stuff that ends up here requires some explanation: they’re light bulbs that are also bluetooth speakers? What do you mean, “LED Name-tags”? Hold up, how many audiobooks? That sort of thing.

But this ain’t either of those.

Given that it’s the most expensive product we’ve probably ever sold on Meh, it’s definitely not an impulse buy. Unless you’re, like, a billionaire. In which case, a) what exactly are you doing here? And b) can we get a cool 5 mil to launch our new app? Hear us out: It’s like Shazam, but for smells!

Likewise, the concept of it doesn’t need to be explained. “You know how you have eyes? And when you point them at things, you see the things? And how sometimes, there’s a certain angle from which the things look pretty cool? Well, this ingenious contraption allows you to capture those angles so that you can see the things, even when you’re not near the things.”

Seriously, trying to think of how you’d describe a camera to someone who’s never heard of cameras is actually making me more confused about cameras. So I’ll stop trying and just tell you exactly what we’re dealing with here:

This is a nudge buy.

If you’re someone who’s been thinking about getting a DSLR for a while, biding your time and doing the appropriate level of research required of such a significant purchase, you’re our ideal customer today. Because, we’re basically trying to push you that little bit towards finally saying, “you know what? Screw it. Today’s the day!” And in return, you get this really great DSLR camera and a bunch of lenses and accessories for $100 less than you can get it elsewhere.

And btw, if you’re thinking, nah, I’ll just wait until this price drops, or find somewhere selling it for cheaper, we’ve got some bad news for you. Canon stuff basically never goes down in price. We explain why in detail here. Seriously, go read that. It’s very informative, and one of our best write-ups (which I say with only jealousy, because ugh, I didn’t write it, okay?).

So what do you say, shopper teetering on the fence between Rebel T6i admirer and Rebel T6i owner? With this offer, have we given you a thorough enough poke?


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