Aukey Hybrid Active Noise Canceling Headphones

  • Your classic one-for-the-price-of-one or two-for-the-price-of-not-quite-two sale
  • One pair is $23.99
  • Or you could spend $15 more dollars for a second pair
  • Why would you buy just one?!
  • Hi-fi super bass, 40 hours of playtime, noise cancelation, etc.
  • Their favorite vocal harmony group: Noise II Men
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One or Two

You have two great choices here. You can get one pair of Aukey noise-canceling headphones–with 40 hours of playtime, hi-fi super bass, and an aux cable for the Bluetooth holdouts out there–for $23.99. Or, you can get two of them for $38.99.

Some of you are going to opt for the latter. You’re going to enjoy your Aukey headphones for as long as they last. It could be years! You’ll think back fondly on all the bus rides and air travel they improved. And then, when that fateful day comes, you’ll shed a tear, until you remember: in the back of your closet, you have an unopened pair!

Others of you will buy just one. And when time’s up, that’ll be it. You’ll have to find new headphones. But hey, you saved, like, $15. That’s nice.

Some of you will be wearing your Aukey headphones around your apartment building, and your cool neighbor will tap you on the shoulder and be like, “Whoa, those look great! Where’d you get them? I’ve been shopping for some new headphones.” And you’ll be like, “Oh, it was a deal-a-day site. It’s come and gone.” And they’ll be like, “Shoot.” And then you’ll be like, “Hey, you know, I actually have an extra pair if you want them.” And they’ll be like, “I couldn’t.” And you’ll be like, “It’s no big deal.” And they’ll be like, “Why don’t you bring them over? Tomorrow. I’m having this party.” And you’ll go to that party and you’ll meet the love of your life there.

For other of you, the conversation will end after the neighbor says, “Shoot.” But again, you saved $15. The price of a fast food lunch. So that’s worth it, right?

Like we were saying: two really great options!

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