Meh Experiment Variables: Pricing


We launched Meh as an Mediocre Laboratories experiment to test out if a classic daily deal site that sold only one item a day was viable (again). And we’re working on additional experiments that will test out other who-knows-if-it’ll-work e-commerce things.

But while the daily deal aspect is the main variable at Meh, it’s not the only one. We’re trying out all sorts of stuff around here, and will be tweaking the variables along the way. We launched without order confirmation emails, but changed our minds along the way and put in a button to make them optional. (Even with that, apparently 35% of you who request one never even open the damn email.)

Pricing is a pretty risky thing for us to play around with, but we’re testing something here, too. No, we’re not a/b testing charging different amounts to different people, that apparently pisses people off.

We ditched the ubiquitous practice of pricing everything 1 cent less than a dollar, putting .99 at the end of everything you ever sell. So today's Microscope is $10, not $9.99. Just in case my opinion here isn't clear:

Really, though, I don’t know - maybe we’re costing ourselves tens of sales by rounding up that penny. Maybe we’re jerks for pocketing that extra cent. But I really really hope that it just turns out that people are not idiots, and pricing things at whole numbers is just good business.

What do you think? Would you be more likely to buy something that cost $9.99 vs $10? Are we idiots for trying this out?