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60-Piece Magnetic Tile Set

  • Get your kids off the Nintoonda Swatch and onto the path towards a life of creativity.
  • The colorful “ABS plastic conforms to CE and EN71 Standards,” which is something I’ve never heard of but I bet is important.
  • The magnets are strong, and the construction possibilities are endless!
  • Well, technically they might not be endless… but, like, there’s a lot to do.
  • Model: That’s right, this is a kit for making cool models!
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Building A Creative Future

You want your child to embrace their creative spirit, but not every kid is going to be inspired by a blank piece of paper and some pencils, crayons, and markers. Some kids like to work in the third dimension, and not necessarily by shaping clay. They want to build. They want to put existing pieces together to make something truly unique. That’s where this tile set comes in! Thanks to the strong magnets within them, your kids can clip them together in a wide variety of fun ways!

And to show you just what how wild their designs can get, we have a few photo examples. Unfortunately, some of the captions got deleted, so we don’t remember exactly what they’re supposed to look like. But how hard can it be to guess, right? Check it out:

That’s definitely a coiled up feline-headed rattle snake.

That must be the party-animal cousin of the famed AT-AT, the UNTS-UNTS.

This is a middle school tower dance.

Here we have your standard tactical defense ROBO-Gopher5000.

And… uh… well, this looks like… uh… you know, maybe it’s upside down. Let’s try flipping it.

Okay, that definitely made it worse.

Hey, an idea: why don’t YOU tell US what it is in the comments! And don’t forget to buy this magnetic tile set for the little sculptor in your life!

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