60-Pack: KN-95 5-Layer Masks

  • Put them on your face, don’t just do it for yourself, but because everyone’s got someone in their lives who is high risk
  • These are great because you can wear them a couple times before tossing them
  • Always have some backups on hand in coat pockets, in gloveboxes, in purses, and backpacks
  • Just wear one, please
  • Model: W1ND0W5-KN95
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Catching Up in 2021

Norma was grabbing some apples in the produce section when she looked up and saw Ted.

“Ted?” she said.

“Oh!” Ted said. “Hey Norma. Sorry I didn’t recognize you for a second… with the…”

“Yeah, yeah, no, I know,” Norma said. “How are you?”

“Oh, you know,” Ted said.

“Yeah,” said Norma.

“And you?” said Ted.

“Oh, you know,” Norma said.

“Right,” said Ted.

“How are the kids?” Norma asked.

“Oh, you know,” Ted said.

“Yeah,” Norma said.

“With everything, you know,” Ted said.

“Yeah,” Norma said.

“It’s tough, but they’re fine,” Ted said.

“Yeah,” Norma said.

“How are your parents?” Ted asked.

“Oh, you know,” Norma said.

“Right,” said Ted.

“Talked to them yesterday,” Norma said. “On the phone.”

“Right,” said Ted.

“Holding up,” Norma said.

“Right,” said Ted.

“Well, I don’t want to keep you,” Norma said.

“Sure, sure,” Ted said.

“But it was great catching up,” Norma said.

“So great!” Ted said.

For the record: this conversation occurred six feet apart, with neither one having to lower their mask in order to be heard. Because that is totally possible.

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