6-Pack: Merkury Innovations Smart Wi-Fi LED Strip (9.8')

  • At three bucks a piece, just a delightful LED starter kit.
  • Because you get six, you see. A perfect amount.
  • No goofy hub or anything. Just your phone.
  • Does it make a margarita? It’ll make a margarita look like it’s being showcased on a Price is Right reboot.
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Still $3 each??

So listen. We might have come on a little strong last time around when we offered these smart Wi-Fi light strips. That time it was a 12-pack, because deep down we wanted each and every one of you to wholeheartedly embrace your inner RBG lighting enthusiast and help you upgrade each and every corner of your life with rad glowing accents.

This…was wrong.

You weren’t ready.

Well actually a bunch of you were plenty ready because we sold like 20,000 strips in all, but either way, we’re pretty sure there’s an opportunity to spread the gospel according to LEDs a bit further by cutting the price and quantity to a more impulse-friendly amount.

So instead of twelve, today you can get six. And instead of $36, they’ll be $18. We’ll let the math majors in the comment section parse out the per-unit implications of this bold move, but generally, you’re going to find that we’ve made it easier to get a small amount of these without interfering with your ability to buy a whole bunch. Not too bad, right?

Why six, though?

Because six (we’re pretty sure) is the optimal gateway amount. If we sold you three, you probably wouldn’t be able to do anything very cool. You’d end up spending nine bucks to light up half of your collectible Hummel figurines or to do like a third of what you’re imagining for around your waterbed.

Just imagine how underwhelming it would be when you’re showing off your Alpine Shepard Boy after shouting “It’s Hummel Time!” to your very patient houseguest, only to have some sad sack array of lighting cast an insufficient technicolor glow on those adorable alpine cheeks. Or when you’re explaining “This is where the magic happens” while struggling awkwardly to clamber out of an under-filled sack of water illuminated by blinking diodes that only go halfway around the headboard.

These are both bad looks. You’re going to need more than three strips.

Therefore: six. With six you can really accomplish something. You can meticulously accent your entertainment center or gaming setup. You can make your stairs glow. You can make that waterbed look like it’s pulsating with enthusiasm (It’s really just leaking) or showcase the everliving fuck out of those Hummels.

It’s the right amount, is what we’re saying.

Buy six. Buy six twice. Do whatever you need to do to make your LED dreams come true.

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