4-Pack: Vega One All-In-One AND/OR Gut Health Protein Shakes (76-120 Servings)

  • Up to 120 servings of evolution-defying protein goodness
  • Your choice of the all-in-one stuff and the gut health stuff
  • Shipped right to you, we offer seductively
  • Model: 2-Y0UR-H34LTH?
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Economical Protein

Six million years of human evolution left us (theoretically) capable of running down a giant slab of deer-shaped protein and cooking it over an open fire. The next six million years will be spent building new Planet Fitness locations and engineering powdered supplements to accomplish roughly the same thing.

The first six million years had more fresh air and less existential dread. The next six million will have more Netflix, plus pumpkin spice treats two months a year.

Civilization wins again.

Unless you want to spend your mornings swatting salmon out of the river and then killing it with your face, you’re going to want some protein powder.

“Hey, daily deal website that has completely lost touch with the rising cost of living and general economic malaise affecting so many of us! That stuff is expensive,” you might say, weirdly.

“But wait, we’ve got up to 120 servings for just thirty-four bucks,” we could reply, sexily.

“Okay…but watch yourselves or we might seize the means of production,” you perhaps answer, proletariatishly.

“Oh we will, we will,” we smolder, bedroom eyes moist with resolve.

Sorry about that.

This is really good protein powder and the price is right. If you’re using this stuff, you know that having a few months covered for around thirty bucks is about as good as it gets. If you don’t use this stuff, but want to get started, this is a damn good way to get going without laying out a bunch of money.

“Aside from leveraging the good looks and winning personality of your marketing team and copywriters, how do you offer such a good deal?” you might wonder, making it weird again.

Well, mostly this is just excellent stuff that is expiring at the end of the year. So order now and use it up!

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